“Social Media is such an important part of Marketing. If used effectively, it is a cost effective way  of advertising to customers. It allows companies to establish a presence that is not just one demential.” – Aiyana Veiga, CMO

Social media

Social Media Package

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We will put you on the appropriate social media platforms that align with your business and demographics. We build your brand, create content, your reputability and also better SEO. 

Here’s How We Start

We begin with a free  phone consultation to find out your goals and to answer your social media questions.

After the initial consultation, we put together your package that includes a audit of your online presence. We will suggest which  outlet(s) you should use to marketing your company or product digitally. 

We may suggest:

  • Revamp of Social Presence 
  • New Social Presence 
  • Content Ideas
  • Advertising

We offer different plans according to your budget and goals.