What is Marketing?


Updated 04.08.18

What is Marketing?
What is Marketing?

What is Marketing? Marketing is the method of telling your potential and current customers or clients why they should purchase your product.

Marketing is not encouraging it is telling John or Jane why they should use your product or service over your competitor.

To probe deeper, Marketing can be simply reaching out to customers and telling them about your product or service, but successful marketing utilizes marketing tactics to reach out to the correct customer, by knowing (identifying) and understanding your customer/client, to tell them about your product or service to maximize the ROI.

Marketing is the step before sales and the science and organization behind advertising.

Marketing involves:

Research –> Planning –> Promoting –> Selling

Different types of marketing methods:

Digital – Adwords, SEM, SEO…

Print- Direct Mail, Flyers, Letters…
Social Media- FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube….

Here are the popular different types of marketing:

B2B –Business to business

B2C- Business to consumer

B2I- Business to Individual

The purpose of Marketing is to get your product or service to the right customer.

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