September Marketing Ideas

Creative Marketing Ideas that you can use for Content or Promotions in the Month of September

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Updated 09.12.18

September Marketing Ideas
September Marketing Ideas

September can be a quiet month.

School has just commenced and in return, a huge demographic is focusing upon beginning a new schedule. 

Sales for many industries are traditionally slower in September; but a good Marketing Plan will already depict your September Sales Forecast (no surprises) and a good Marketer will know to navigate the month of September.

One thing that will greatly help your Marketing and Sales for September is to know September’s Special Days. With this information you can create content and promotions that will keep your brand on the grid and your sales consistent.

Here are some Marketing Ideas for the month of September

You can use these ideas for creative content or promotions. Please note that there are many other special days in September. These are just a few of the main ones and just a few ideas. 

  • Back to School- Any back to school content and promotions are hot during September, from Elementary to College. That provides a large space for marketing ideas.
  • Football Season- There are so many different promotional ideas for football season for a vast amount of industries. Just be careful about getting permission to use any NFL trademark.
  • September 3rd Labor Day- Many Companies have Labor Day sales that you can continue through the whole month.
  • September 5th – International Day of Charity- Donate to your favorite Charity and invite your audience to do so with Social Media and E-Blasts.
  • September 9th National Grandparents Day – A family friendly day that is great for promotions.
  • September 11th –A great day to give back and support the ones that defend us
  • September 15th – October 15th – Hispanic Heritage Month
  • September 16th  – Mexican Independence Day
  • September 22nd – First Day of Fall
  • September 28th – The official first day of the MLB playoffs
  • September 29th – National Coffee Day
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