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Media Buying

Video Production

Public Relations



Private Health Care Institute that was ready to grow, but needed internal structure and public outreach. 


  • Create relationships between affiliate hospitals and general practices. 
  • Produce e-mail marketing campaigns for patients and community out reach. 
  • Create consistent content on social media and other appropriate medias.
  • Create review campaigns through text.
  • Create internal newsletters both hard copy and e versions for patient and community out reach.
  • Create content of value on website.  

Business Grew by 50%

With new business and opening of 16 practices in 3 different states.


Creating an effective Health Care Marketing strategy/plan is extremely important in the beginning stages. The Institute did not have a marketing plan or budget put together. Based on metrics and goals, a full marketing re-vamp was commenced. A marketing budget was established and within three weeks, marketing systems were put into place and implemented.

Medical Marketing Strategy

Web Design/Management

The Institute had a website, but the content was not optimized for web search. The copyright on the website was not efficiently used which was hindering The Institute’s presence. Re-writing the website, along with local SEO brought The Institute from an average of 8 spot on Google’s first page to top 3 for each of their 34 locations. 


Oncology Marketing
Medical Marketing

Media Buying

There are many different outlets to advertise medical companies. Finding the demographics was the priority to determining which outlets would be the most efficient choice for The Institute. Print media and digital media was necessary to reach the full spectrum. 

Internal Marketing

To create effective internal communications for medium to large companies, internal marketing (marketing to employees) is necessary. This will give employees (management, etc.) the proper tools to perform services according to the company’s values and goals. 

Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare Marketing

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