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General Contracting Company needed a Marketing Plan, Website, SEO and E-mail Marketing. Their goal was to attract local customers for new construction.


  • Create website.
  • Produce e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Create review campaigns through e-mail campaigns.
  • Create content of value on website.  

Business Grew by 74%

With a web presence, new business was able to find them. Not only new business but partners within the construction industry. Gorilla Corp is now a leading construction company in Los Angeles, CA.

Web Design/Management

Gorilla Corp did not have a website to send potential customers to or for customers to find them. They were relying on word of mouth marketing and marketing with flyers and in ads in the local paper. They would send customers to their facebook page, but this was not producing the results that an actual website with appropriate SEO would.

A website was created with testimonies, services targeted to their service location.  

Gorilla Corp had a logo, but it was not industry standard. When you are a newer company or coming from “boutique” to more of a public company, using industry standard branding will help potential clients/audience notate quickly what industry in. 


When you provide a service, reviews are extremely necessary. There are different tactics to getting reviews and there are many different places to put them. Identifying what site your audience is coming from and targeting those sites will drive in more traffic organically. 

Marketing Reviews
Local SEO

Local SEO was optimized to attract more customers from local searches. This is a must for businesses that provide local services. Gorilla Corp did not have a local presence prior to this. 

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