Galavant was created for individuals that want artisan made textiles for their home at a fair price. The decor is art and conversation pieces from artisans around the world. Galavant has been around since 2017 and needs branding and product marketing.


  • Create branding for the marketing within their niche audience.
  • Produce e-mail marketing campaigns for from social media and website. 
  • Create consistent content on social media and other appropriate medias.
  • Create constant blog posting that provides both keywords for seo and content of quality.  
  • Create e-newsletter.
  • Create content on value on website and socials.
  • Create Pinterest.
  • Create FB/IG ads.  

Strategy for Marketing in 2020

Social Ads

E-mail Marketing

Retail Placement

Social Media Management

The key to product marketing in 2020 is to push it through social media. Galavant has a successful Facebook and Instagram page, but was hitting a roadblock with attracting a bigger audience within their very specific niche market and creating a story behind their products. 

Pinterest was also another venue that they had not ventured on. 

Galavant Logo

Marketing Execution

  1. Start at the foundation (website) with an audit to ensure that the e-commerce site is optimized. Their message and SEO is  competitive with competition.
  2.  Analysis of competition. 
  3. Make sure Branding & Message aligns across all social media.
  4. Create Pinterest account.
  5. Create content for social media of quality with a content calendar and 3rd party social media app. 
  6. Outreach to decor blogs for backlinks and leverage advertising. 
  7. Create a Facebook ad account.
  8. Measure Facebook ads to see ROI.
  9. Start marketing to retail sites and magazine.

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