Why Should I Create Unique Content For Each Social Media Platform?

Why should I create unique content for each social media platform

Different demographics are on different social platforms which is why you should create unique content for each social media platform. 

You wouldn’t speak to your aunt the same way you would speak to your cousin, right?

It’s really that simple.

Also, if you post the same thing across all channels, you will turn off followers from following you across all of your social media. 

How do I create unique content for each social media platform?

Know your demographics and rearrange your content to cater to that specific demographic and the social media platform.

You can still have a consistent message, but just do not copy and paste your message.  

Change up your graphics, i.e. Facebook does not like text on graphics while Pinterest does.

Get to know your audience. If starting from scratch, it might take you a couple of months to figure this out. Utilize and analyze all of your analytics.

Did you post something with text on instagram and did it do well, or did a picture with a catchy caption do better?

Figure out what you can do with the social media platforms that you utilize, their rules and algorithms. For example, you can post multiple pictures on one Instagram post allowing you to create a visual story where as twitter is more about words. 

Figuring out your demographics and the rules of the social media platform is key to creating unique content for each social media platform that you are on. 

Good luck and Happy Posting!

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