How to Run a Successful Instagram Giveaway that Won’t Waste Money

How to run a successful instagram giveaway that won't waste money

If you follow the Digital Magazine‘s Instagram you will see that we run giveaways quite often.

Our first giveaway, we might have received 25 followers and spent $50.00

Not a good ROI.

With less than 1000 following (It might have been slightly more), our reach was too small.

We had to re-evaluate or tactics on how to run a successful instagram giveaway that wouldn’t waste money. 

This is what we have discovered: 

1. If you are starting off or planning your first Giveaway do not do it by yourself.

Do it with another account that has around the same amount of followers OR reach out to a slightly larger account and offer an incentive. Maybe they can just pay for shipping or even join the Instagram giveaway for free.

2. Have a budget and stick with it.

You have to know what you need for your ROI to be. That is how you can measure your giveaway’s success. One of our most successful giveaway was with a $10.00 product with 50-80 new followers.

3. Take really amazing pictures of the product(s).

Your visuals can enhance or take away from your giveaway. It could be a great giveaway, but if the visuals are not amazing, then you just lowered the success of your giveaway.

4. Make time to engage with your followers and their followers to extend your reach.

This is vital! If you do not have the time, do not do a giveaway. You can’t just upload it and then walk away. You need to make sure that your account is being seen.

5. Ask others to post it to their stories.

Make sure the accounts that you ask have high engagement. This is where instagram groups come in handy!

6. Repost to remind everyone about your giveaway.

I like to repost at least 3 times. Also, you may have some procrastinators. Remind them that they only have a certain amount of time to enter the instagram giveaway. 

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