What is Advertising?


What is Advertising? Advertising is an often misused word in business. Many people confuse Marketing and Advertising, but it important to know the difference between the two. Here is the definition of Advertising in simple and clear terms.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is the method used to influence customers or clients to purchase or use products or services. It is the way the product and service is being promoted. The goal of advertising campaign is to aquest new customers or re-instating the product/services and its value with existing customers or clients.

Advertising campaigns can be executed a number of ways. In marketing it is called Media Purchasing and thorough research is necessary to not waste the Advertising Budget. Some of the popular advertising channels are:






For example, if you were advertising a restaurant targeted to 22-34 year old young professionals, your best advertising channel would not be television or radio, since those are not the platforms that they are on.

There are four parts behind adverting:

  1. Research (Finding your target market.)
  2. Planning (Budget, Media Planning, Ad Style)
  3. Execution (Using your Research and Planning to Execute your Adverting Campaign)
  4. Analyzing

There is also a creative team that puts together the artwork and message.

The advertising process differs depending upon the company and its goals.

A startup company would need to began by branding itself in its industry.

A company that has been established for a while, may need to re-brand and refresh it’s image. Look at how El Pollo is doing this.

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